Artist Statement

I honestly have a constant battle with myself about my art concept. In my mind, I should be creating art to change the world. After years, I came to realize that my art can maybe change a little bit of someone’s world. I would attract and project the exact energy I want in life.


I paint with bright, vibrant colors that inspire me to bring an unrealistic color palette into my artwork, breaking the rules with colors and shapes. I love to transmit beauty and harmony; after all, we need it a lot in today’s world. My hope is that my paintings simply bring a piece of joy to the homes they inhabit.


My paintings oscillate between non-objective and figurative work. I really do think my paintings very much reflect who I am and what I'm attracted to in my everyday life. I am absolutely obsessed with flowers; I like to paint them in an abstract way so people can imagine their own, unique garden.